1 color_____________ FREE 2 colors____________ 50.00 3 colors____________ 75.00 4 colors____________100.00 5 colors____________125.00 6 colors____________150.00 Full color (CMYK)_____175.00

Set up

FREE. You do not have to pay for this service!!!

Shipping and Handling

We have the shipping and handling FREE option if you are local and /or place larger orders.


White T-shirts*: S/M/L/XL_____________3.00 2XL__________________6.99 3XL__________________7.99 Other color T-shirts*: S/M/L/XL_____________5.50 2XL__________________9.99 3XL_________________10.99 MINIMUM ORDER_____24 T-shirts per design * These prices are based on the standard T-shirt we use: Gildan Heavy Cotton. If you want another one, we can do it. Just call us at (786) 498 9071 or contact us here.

Additional Prints

Additional printing (up to 12 x 14 inches)__________1.00


Add $0.30 per piece