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  • 1-Color Design:   FREE

  • 2-Color Design:   75.00

  • 3-Color Design: 100.00

  • 4-Color Design: 125.00

  • 5-Color Design: 150.00

  • 6-Color Design: 175.00​



Below is a General Price List Chart for standard T-shirts:


Front Side


Additional Print Area (Back Side, Sleeves, etc.)

Set up: FREE

Folding: FREE

Bagging: FREE

Ink Color Change: 25.00 per ink

Color matching (Pantone): 30.00 per color

Personalization: 5.00 for name per location, 5.00 for number per location


Shipping and handling: We have the shipping and handling FREE option if you are local and /or place larger orders.

Turnaround time:

Standard turnaround time: 15 business days after the quote and design are approved.

Rush orders: 5 business days after the quote and design are approved. The rush order fee is 25% of the total.

Super Rush orders: 3 business days after the quote and design are approved. The super rush order fee is 75% of the total.

We can accept Rush and Super Rusorders if they do not displace prior commitments on our production schedule.




Less than 30K stitches: 40.00

More than 30K stitches: 80.00

Digitizing is FREE when you purchase 48 pieces or more.


To get an exact quote please call us at 786-498-9071 or email us at


Tips for saving money:

  • ​Increase the quantity: The easiest way to reduce the cost per item is to increase the quantity of your order. Consider ordering a few extras to maximize your savings. The greater the quantity, the lower your per-item cost.

  • Reduce the number of ink colors: Colors count in screen printing because each one requires a unique screen. Using more ink colors means a higher price, and fewer makes it lower. Our talented designers can make a design shine using just one color. The best part is that 1-color designs are FREE.

  • Reduce the number of print locations: Print locations play a big role in the total cost of your order. Pricing is based on the number of colors per print location. For example, if you have a 3-color design going on three different locations, that is a total of 9 imprints. Reducing your print locations would significantly reduce the overall cost of your order.

  • Use standard inks and avoid using any specialty inks: Specialty inks like glitter, and Pantone Colors can cost more and often require an additional screen.

  • Plan ahead: Place your order as early as possible, so there is enough time to receive your order and avoid the Rush or Super Rush fee.

  • Avoid re-orders: Order more shirts than you think you will need. Keep in mind when placing a re-order that you still need to order a minimum of 24 shirts. The price per shirt will cost more than your previous order if you ordered 51 shirts or more.

Rush or Super Rush
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